Get On My Face: DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

Despite the fact that most beauty products are supposed to make you look shit hot - there's plenty that look so peculiar when being used that they're borderline frightening. These DHC Eye masks most definitely come under that description, because you look like a mentalist with them on. But they're damn good, so who cares? They're actually the first eye masks I've ever used. Day-to-day, I try not to worry too much about ageing. I totally deserve some facial creasiness, because I make appallingly unhealthy lifestyle choices. But I do get sad about sagging lids because it makes it so much harder to put my eyeliner on. 

But these quick-fix masks are the perfect thing to pop on before you get ready to go out (1/2 hours before you start putting your slap on), to smooth fine lines, and deal with puffiness. They completely surround your eyeballs, so your eyelids get some love too (cheaper eye masks leave them high and dry). And they're packed with hyaluronic acid, to flood the area with moisture and really plump shit up. Stick them onto clean skin for 10 minutes, peel off and rub in any remaining cream. You get 6 applications in a pack, and they'll set you back £15, which I think is really reasonable. Your eyes look wider and brighter immediately. Just like the first time I ever saw Zac Efron. 

I'll harp on about how much I love DHC to anyone with the poor sense to strike up a conversation with me. Their Deep Cleansing Oil was one of the first products to get me really excited about skincare, and I wrote a doting love letter to it over here. Honestly, I love it more than some of my family members. They make fantastic, fuss-free, serious skincare and I'm so happy my peepers have been invited to the party too.

*These masks were a super sample given to me by the lovely people at DHC, but as always my views come straight from the heart.