I Am A Kardashian! Black Seed Oil Product Reviews

Now, I am very pro Kardashian. Kourtney is my favourite. So underrated. I like that they brought bums onto the scene and gave them the attention they've long deserved*. They're also a true representation of sisterhood, in all its disgusting glory, which obviously I can relate to - being unable to live without Ruth and all. 

One downside to my love is that anything that has a Kardashian face on, I yearn for. I picked up four of the Khroma Kardashian mascaras in TK Maxx earlier this year, expecting them to be fucking fantastic, but they were just fine. I can't really fault them, but they just didn't knock my socks off, and considering that they're a pain to buy in this country, they didn't seem worth writing about. BUT I'm really pleased to announce that the above two silky serums did a sterling job on my barnet

The Black Seed Dry Oil does feel a smidge synthetic on first pump, but absorbs so easily. I rarely straighten my hair anymore, but if I'm going somewhere fancy then I'll stick a blob of this in it (just one is plenty) and it significantly improves its co-operability. It'd also be fantastic for doing a Kardashian slick-back, but sadly I do not have the face for that. Kim has also said that she uses this oil on North, and North is of course - a queen. 

And it's a nifty multi-tasker - Kim slathered it all over her ass for that Paper magazine shoot, so obviously I'll be recreating that in my bedroom soon for some poor unsuspecting fool. I honestly don't think for this price, it can be beaten - you can get it for £8.50 here.

I also got my mitts on the Black Seed Oil Elixir Treatment, which is slightly more heavy duty - for those with ravaged locks. It's fab if you slather it on pre-shower, and add a dollop to towel-dried hair for some Disney-worthy swishtastic locks. Although, if you have fine hair, you're best to steer clear.

Because I get the impression that the Kardashians are cleaner people than me, I was concerned that these products would be grease inducing nightmares and would force me to wash my hair hours after use, but it's amazing how little residue they leave. I have also read several reviews that moan about the smell - but I like it, it's musky and peppery, and makes me feel like I have a Kardashian close by. Which is obviously wonderful. 

*Yes, yes in an ideal world we wouldn't have to shoehorn our bodies into fantastical concepts of 'perfection.' We've got to be skinny for a few years, then curvy like guitars for the next as if the female body is capable of such change. But until that ideal world surfaces (and I'm not holding my breath), I'm positive about anything that drives home the fact that women aren't created by cookie cutters. They come in different shapes and sizes. Look at all five sisters - do they look different? Hell, yes. Do they all look fantastic? Hell, YES.