Ruth and Clare Go On Tour

On Saturday night I got back from the best, most adventurous holiday of my little lifetime so far, and realised just how shite I'd been at just 'living life' before I went away. I was really struggling to get my head together, and needed a break bad. After ten days away, I've certainly achieved some clarity, which is surprising given how much I drank. I've come back a little fresher, and more motivated to crack on with this game called life. And, I've got some holiday beauty bits to share!

Firstly: sea hair. Having a very frizzy barnet, this is something I've always avoided. On a previous holiday, I emerged from the sea (drunk) feeling fit as fuck, until Ruth told me that I looked like a sea monster not - as I thought - like a mermaid. But this time around, something was different. Perhaps this particular patch of sea, jumping in instead of wading in, and not wearing extensions anymore meant my hair went beachy as hell. I was so happy with it, that it remained wavy for the whole holiday, and I have now ditched my straighteners and hairbrush. I just spritz it with salt spray (review to come, I've found a beaut) and just let it be. No, it doesn't look perfect, and no,  it doesn't feel perfect but I can safely say for the first time in my life, I don't care. Teenage me would be horrified that I've reached this point, and who knows if it'll last, but for now, it's making me very happy.

Also worth noting is that despite midnight dips in the ocean - my eye-makeup did not budge. I've banged on about Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner before, but I really pushed it to its limit on this holiday, and it did not let me down. For me, it's quite simply the best eyeliner on the planet. Plus it has a flexible brush, so you can get really fancy with your eye flicks. Kudos also to my eyelashes, which remained black and suitably spiky, even when drenched. I was using Revlon Volume & Length Mascara, but I think its sticking power was down to Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer. It made my mascara cling on harder than I do to a dying relationship. 

Ruth did suffer from dry-skin while we were away, and neither of has found a brilliant budget-friendly sun-cream that doesn't make our sensitive skin feel like it's on fire, but as and when we do, we'll certainly let you know. And lastly, if anyone wants any hostel recommendations for Eastern Europe - or restaurant, bars and all that malarkey - me and Ruth are racking up quite a list and would happily pass on our finds!