In the Bath with Frank, and his Original Coffee Scrub.

Now I love a hyped up product as much as the next chap, but sometimes it's easy to get a touch cynical about a product that seems to compel girls and boys to take nude selfies and post them on Instagram... Well I may not be whipping my clothes off for my 8 Instagram followers anytime soon, but rest assured that these days I can be found in my shower 2-3 times a week looking exactly like this. The Frank Body coffee scrub hype is, in my opinion, totally justified. It's suitable for sensitive skin, will scrub away dry flakes and nourishes the fuck out of the skin left behind. It can also reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and acne. How wonderful. 

Now I've talked about cellulite before - I don't believe the answer lies in lotions and potions alone. I think that if you eat well and work out you're putting up a pretty good fight. Unfortunately I do neither, and have no plans to start. I also think genetics play an important role. So I'm going to blame my mum for my bobbly bum. And unimpressive rack. Luckily though, she did pass on a dense liver and party-girl spirit which is obviously, much more important. But, much like I loved the Melvita Rose L'Or Firming Oil - the Frank scrub improves the quality of your skin so significantly, that your tail will undoubtedly look better after a couple of rounds. 

Science-wise - as we know, caffeine pops up in lots of cellulite creams, the thinking being that if it wakes you up on the inside, it can have a similar effect on the outside. When applied to the skin, it stimulates blood flow, which is what treats pesky skin conditions like stretch-marks and acne. The benefit of using coffee is that it has the same pH as your skin so won't dry you out, or oil you up. There's also a hefty list of potential nasties that it doesn't include: no parabens, PEGS, or phthalates, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, no glycols, no DEA or TEA. 

Now, it is a bit tricky to use. The instructions say that you should rub it in and wait 5-10 minutes before washing it off - but don't even bother to try and use it dry. It has nothing to stick to and creates an unholy mess. Jump in the show, then massage it all over your bod (it's good for your face too). Then faff about doing something else for a while before washing it off. You are guaranteed to end up with a shed load of it coating the bottom of your shower, but after one use I was so considerably smoother and slipperier that passers by pointed it out. It also makes your bathroom smell extremely dreamy. 10/10 and easily the best body scrub I've ever used. Thanks Frank.