Skin Savers: Rodial Super Acids Cleansing Pads & Hangover Mask

One of the biggest problems I encounter when buying new beauty products is the fact that I am super-sensitive of skin. Also of disposition, but that's a matter for another time. I wanted to talk about the above two products, because I want to let other sensitive skinned beasts know that they need not be afraid. They will not remove your skin despite the name, colour of packaging and their generally aggressive demeanour

First up - the Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads, which have slotted as easily into my routine as a 7pm white wine. Essentially I use them as my third cleanse. Yes, I am technically TRIPLE CLEANSING. It's moments like these where I realise that I am an actual grownup. That and the fact that I buy toilet paper these days and don't just steal it from work. They contain salicylic acid BHA, so are brilliant chemical exfoliators (for those in favour of a manual scrub, you can read all about my all time favourite here).

They unclog your pores, can deal with blemishes and remove dirt and oil with one sweep - absolutely no stinging included. The pore shrink claim comes from Evermat - an active ingredient that aims to reduce pore size and secretion. While these pads are in no way an effective stand-alone cleanser, they're a perfect final sweep before your serums, moisturisers and all that jazz. I was powering through the pot using two a day, but have calmed down now and use Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads of an evening to mix things up. 

Next up is the X-Treme Hangover Mask, which has come in handy pretty often let me tell you. I'm currently cobbling together a list of beauty products that you can use when brutally hungover. Not scented enough to make you gag, but powerful enough to put your face back in working order. This is right up there - the scent is really soothing, the formula is baby soft and it's unbelievably gentle.

You also don't have to deal with the usual faff when you take if off. You whack it on and wait for 5-10 minutes (it is clay-based but doesn't harden), before rolling it off with your fingertips, then splash a bit of water on to shift the dregs. Less time spent bending over the sink? Win. Science-wise it contains glycolic and fruit acids to leave skin much smoother and brighter. There are also peptides (for anti-ageing) and probiotics (to strengthen and protect skin). It really boosts the hydration you drank away the night before, I promise. Party boys and girls, this one's for you.