It's Balmain Dahling! Texturising Salt Spray & Moisturising Elixir

First things first, I've been saying Balmain wrong my entire life. It's Bal-maaahhn. Not BalMAIN. Woops. Unsurprisingly, these two new friends are the first Balmain products to ever make it into my house. And I tried bloody hard to get some of the H&M bits. I literally spent an entire day just refreshing the page and got absolutely no work done. Soz boss. 

I don't like using heaps of styling products in my hair, because I hate when it feels like there's stuff in it. These two products are worth chatting about, because they are so effective yet so lightweight. Salt sprays I've used in the past, gave me a scratchy, wire-wool barnet that will no way last a second day, and don't even think about taking the hairdryer near it. The Balmain Texturising Salt Spray is different. You can use it as liberally as you like without the fear that you'll go up in flames should someone light up a cigarette next to you. Even if you blowdry your hair, you'll still achieve a lovely beachy wave. 

I knew that me and the Balmain Argan Moisturising Elixir would be best friends as soon as I clapped eyes on it. It's packed with Argan Oil so will really bring out the shine and smooth out your wiry ends. You only need the tiniest bit, it'll last yonks and leaves no residue. I wouldn't be without it now. Now, each of these products is around £20 a pop, but I would wholeheartedly recommend skipping the expensive shampoo and conditioner (I've never found one that justified a high price point and trust me I've tried a LOT), buy Tresemme when it's on offer because it's darn good and just introduce these to your routine. Effortless, undone, un-claggy hair. Perfect.