Plump me Up Elemis! Pro-Collagen Favourites

After years of reckoning that Marine Cream was probably over-hyped and over-priced, I got given a tub at a work event, slapped it on my big face and couldn't believe how wrong I was. Gods of Elemis - I was wrong. I'd made several silly assumptions that it would be far too rich for my sensitive skin and would clog up my pores until they ate my face. In actual fact, it's very soothing and incredibly hydrating without being heavy or rash-inducing. It's a moisturiser that's ruined other moisturisers for me. Everything else seems too greasy or ineffective. It's like the Zac Efron of the skincare world. Nothing else compares. 

So, once my eyes had been opened to the wonders of Pro-Collagen - I invested in a couple more of the products in the range. Pictured are my ultimate faves. This is SERIOUS SKINCARE, good for girls and boys, young and old and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to start seriously thinking about anti-ageing skincare.

Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night-Cream is very similar in texture to regular Marine Cream, but the formula's been amped up. Basically during the day flying crap (especially if you live in a big city) dries up the oxygen in your face. This stuff replenishes it, as well as stimulating cell metabolism and turnover. You will wake up with a soft, pillowy complexion. For an all-guns-blazing night cream, it is so light and so easily absorbed. On the downside, it is nightmare-expensive, but see below for my money saving tips. Move over Martin..

Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is a very lightweight treatment (it's more of a... gunk than a cream) that easily glides over your peepers and won't disturb the make-up you put on top of it. Why do so many eye products do that? Admittedly eye cream isn't very interesting, but it's absolutely necessary unless you want to resemble a scrotum when you grow up

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm was my first foray into balm cleansers and personally, I use it for my first cleanse of an evening. It melts into your skin so easily and will remove makeup and crap while nourishing your skin. In the pot it looks like it would induce a hefty bout of facial dandruff, but I've found it to be incredibly hydrating

Now my final (and most important) point: I ALWAYS get my Elemis from QVC and if you don't you are a fool. The deals are amazing - I've gotten the last two Today's Special Values, where you get a selection of products for £40-ish, and you can pay in instalments. In my last set, I got the eye treatment, the nightcream, a supersize Radiance Cream Cleanser and a couple of other bits and bobs. SERIOUS VALUE.