A Ode to Old Faithfuls

Ok, first things first I've been a bit absent on the blogging front, mostly because I got a new job and then went away for a couple of days and basically became OVERWHELMED BY LIFE. Also watching Lemonade several times a night has taken up most of my free time. But enough's enough, time to get the lead back into my pencil. Over the past two weeks, I realised that unintentionally I've been plumping for exactly the same products every single day. They're the most reliable, the longest-lasting, the fullest coverage products I own that'll get through a long, hard day like bosses. And most of them are pretty purse friendly. I haven't given these products a whole lot of love, so lets declare it to the world. Or, you know my mum, who regularly reads this blog. Thanks mum. 

I picked up the Max Factor Colour Corrector Sticks at Boots the other week because there was a 3-for-2 on and I have no self control. The yellow pencil corrects under-eye circles and I whack it on straight after my primer and run the green pencil (to correct redness) across my cheeks and nose. I then pat them into the skin, before finally blending with a brush. They are very smooth and really neutralise discolouration, so your base looks top notch. 

I follow up with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation, which I would wholeheartedly recommend if you have oily skin or redness like me. It glides on like a dream, and gives fantastic coverage despite its light texture. My only gripe is that it can sink into enlarged pores in a way that La Roche Posays's amazing BB Blur doesn't AT ALL. It tightropes right over those fuckers. 

The Rimmel Lasting Finish concealer is one of my most favourite bargains - it's a really thick formula, so dot where needed with your fingers. Then pat over it to warm it/ cook it into the skin. After a minute or so, blend it in with a brush. Lastly, I've used this Max Factor Creme Puff powder on and off since I was a teenager, it delivers a silky full coverage and is properly mattifying - with a satisfying 'make-up' smell to boot. It smells like makeup your mum used to wear. I can't live without powder and have tried many pricier options over the years, but regularly come back to this old pal.

When it comes to my eyeballs - I can't do eyeshadow of a morning. Full respect to those soldiers who can. I opt for a cat-eye liner, because it makes you feel like a boss. This Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner is also something I've used for YEARS. I've literally never cheated on it. I once went to Liverpool for work at the crack of dawn, and on the train on the way home, a colleague commented that my eyeliner hadn't budged one iota. Not bad for £5.29. Then I run the Mally eyeshadow stick in taupe through my brows to fill them out, as it's perfectly matte.

Lastly, I slap on Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes mascara. I was given this mascara when I left my old job as part of my leaving present, because I used to work with two of the loveliest, most gorgeous women on the planet who really knew their shit. This mascara really does live up to the hype. I love a thick lash but I'm bored of the spidery, clumpy lashes I used to wear every damn day. This mascara DOES NOT CLUMP. It gives you the hugest, softest lashes, and you can put on as many coats as you want WITHOUT CLUMPING. If you're going out after work you can just APPLY MORE and it looks as fresh as it did first thing. The last time I felt a love like this was when GHDs were invented... 

And that's the lot. Takes about 15 minutes to throw it all on, topped off with whatever bronzer I can find first. Throughout the day, everything stays in its assigned area, I just reapply powder every couple of hours or so until I can get home, put on my PJs and watch Lemonade again.