Eco Beauty: Skin & Tonic Brit Beauty Oil

In my quest to find environmentally responsible skincare I stumbled upon relatively new brand Skin & Tonic. Their ethos is basically that skincare doesn't need to be complicated or a drain on the environment or made through cheap labour. They create organic, sustainable products - all with no more than 7 ingredients. They also support fair trade women's co-operatives in Sri Lanka and China and 10% of their profits go to Charity: Water - a charity that provides clean water and sanitation to those most in need. All their offerings are unisex and in many cases multi-purpose, and you can recycle all the bottles and containers as they're made of glass. I mean I'm fucking applauding as I type. What's not to love? 

The above Brit Beauty Oil is named so as the omega rich oils crammed into this little bottle come from our good old British countryside. It's incredibly hydrating and once you've massaged a couple of drops in at night, you'll wake up with a marshmallow for a face by morning. It smells like a gorgeous herb garden (the neroli oil, apparently) and they recommend rubbing a couple of drops into your palms and then inhaling, for an uplifting boost. It's like face-planting a fancy allotment. Which, yes I have done - I grew up in the arse end of nowhere. If you're a face oil fan and need something for dryer skin days - I can't recommend this enough. 

It's so exciting to find cracking skincare that cares about the planet and the people bombing about on it. Also, for an ethical range, it doesn't fall into the trap of being naff or depressing - the packaging is killer. My only gripe with this delicious oil is that it does take its time to absorb. But this'll be because it's not riddled with chemicals that aid quick absorption. It's good to take stock every so often and think about our expectations when it comes to 'good' skincare - and how little some of them matter. So you can't go to bed immediately after applying it? So what. A few more minutes to watch quality TLC programmes (which is usually what I can be found doing of an evening) - well that's just swell.