Review: Isadora Eyeshadow Quartet

Back in my olden days of beauty writing, the best part of my job was discovering brands I'd never heard of before and giving the cracking ones a bit of limelight. I stumbled across Isadora in a mountain of press releases one day and liked what I saw - so let's shine a little light on them in this deep dark corner of the Internet. I only possess the above eyeshadow quartet in Urban Green - but what a knockout set of sexy, smudgy, army shades! I have green eyeballs and sometimes struggle to pick shadows that will ensure people comment on them when I'm out and about. Attention seeker? Me? I've heard purple is the way forward but at this point it's fair to say I cannot pull that off. This quad perfectly enhances the colour of my eyes and is a corker of an alternative to an aggressive smoky black eye. Which is also brilliant, but maybe not for work and other boring grown-up activities. 

While the brand is apparently very successful in Sweden, it's not so well known outside their borders. They don't test on animals (lovely), are reasonably priced (this quad is £17.50) and can be bought over at Feel Unique. The colour payoff here is grand and there's minimal fallout - I reckon Isadora could easily compete with more expensive brands. My quad is a piece of absolute piss to blend too. Applicator's crap but that's no surprise.

Here it is on my peepers, with a special appearance from a horrible orange towel. Sorry. 

Also - despite the evidence so far, I do brush my hair sometimes.