A Love Letter to DHC Cleansing Oil

Me and Ruth are both in agreement that this is the best cleanser of our time. We will look back fondly on this cleanser even when we're old, insane and have no idea who each other is. DHC is a cracking Japanese brand, whose delights we need to explore more thoroughly this year, but their Deep Cleansing Oil has been their hero product for a while.

In my opinion, oil cleansers are the best way of removing make-up, and this is the best of the bunch because it's so light and hydrating but cuts through dirt like a hot knife through butter. It obliterates makeup - including waterproof mascara and all things glittery. It's no pore-clogger and won't cause breakouts or irritate sensitive skin. For us, it's the perfect first cleanse of an evening, and brilliant at removing all the crap that's set up camp on your face by morning. You massage it into a dry face for a couple of minutes, then add water (to emulsify the oil) before removing it with a face-cloth - and it comes off in a flash, too. And best of all, it's not ridiculously expensive

Finally, here's a more specific, scientific breakdown of why this is the love of our life:

  • It really fucking works.

Enough said.