Finding My Facial Features: A Journey. Starring Sleek Cream Contour Palettes

 Sleek Cream Contour Palettes: Light - Medium - Dark [l-r]

Sleek Cream Contour Palettes: Light - Medium - Dark [l-r]

It goes without saying that Ruth's facial structure is an architectural wonder. She was a model back in school. A proper, legit one, not like a promo girl for PC World. As such, it's very easy to find her cheekbones, because they are literally sticking out of her face. I had no such luck when they were doling the genes out - day-to-day my face basically resembles a boiled egg. When contour started to take off, I laughed in the face of those who suggested it to me. I didn't even dare to dream. 

So I was VERY excited to go along to a Sleek contour class, in honour of their new cream contour kits. They promised easy, natural, glowing contour so I took it very seriously. I paid more attention than I ever paid in school. More attention than I ever gave any date, any friend, any family member, because I've never wanted anything more in life than cheekbones. I sat in the front row and made masses of notes. It was embarrassing. But here is everything that I scrawled down in the hope that it can help other pillowy-faced friends.

First things first, the kits are £10.99, which is amazing and come in three shades: light, medium and dark. Here's the three palettes - light at the top (which I use), medium in the middle and dark at the bottom. Each palette has 6 shades ranging from 1 - the lightest (for eye-brightening) to 6 - the darkest (for cheekbone sculpting). 

First things first, put on your foundation and concealer as normal - the contour cream needs to be blended into something as opposed to put on bare skin. Then... PICK UP YOUR PALETTE

  • Dab a beauty blender or sponge into shade number 1 and pat that shit all around your eye area, concentrating on your dark circles but go all the way up to your eyelid and brow bone.
  • Don't worry if there's a visible line at this point, there'll be plenty of time for blending later.
  • Take a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush, suck your cheeks in and paint a thin strip of shade 6 into the hollow of your cheeks.
  • Like so:

I know how to pull this face. It's the face I pull in literally every photo. 

  • Use your sponge to soften the line and then use an angled brush to blend. I use the Lab 2 contour brush you get in this kit. Start with the highest angle of the brush and blend upwards.
  • Take shade 5 and with your sponge pat from the highest point of your forehead down to your temples on either side, and then blend with your brush.
  • Pop the sponge back into shade 5 and using the small corner, pat the shade down either side of your nose (go all the way up to your eyebrow) and blend. 
  • Take shade 2 and apply to the centre of your forehead, and down the middle of your nose.
  • Finally use shade 3 and 4 to warm up the face and soften any lines, before running one of the darker shades under your jawline to chisel it using your brush. 

And there you have it. I've tried it, I can do it, and I'm a moron. The creams are so blendable, and the base-tone in all the colours are ashy not warm so give the most natural finish. The kits are suitable for all skin-tones - something Sleek is well known for and won't break the bank either. I'd highly recommend it if the ABH kit is out of the question. Welcome to the party cheekbones!