Dermalogica Charcoal Mask to the Rescue!

Getting invited to my first blogging event was BEYOND EXCITING, especially for a brand as top-notch as Dermalogica. So off I bounced to Liberty's (lovely) for prosecco (even lovelier), and a fantastic insight into their new mask - the Charcoal Rescue. It deals with a plethora (a PLETHORA I tell you) of skin concerns - ultimately promoting a healthy, balanced and vibrant glow. Now who doesn't want that?

First things first, I'm going to share a FASCINATING fact I learned about charcoal. This is not only interesting, but will probably come up at a pub quiz one day. Colabus monkeys bloody love a good mango leaf. However the effect of eating lots of mango leaves is similar to going on a huge bender and eating dirty kebabs. Your belly's going to have some difficulty. So these monkeys have learned that if they also eat charcoal from extinguished fires, then their digestive turmoil will be soothed. Mad right? The charcoal basically extracts pollutants and waste, and can do the same thing for your skin! 

Now most charcoal mask formulas are quite simple, but this bad boy uses Binchotan charcoal. It's activated so gives a real, deep clean. Basically it can adsorbs* a LOT of nastiness - so all that build-up and residue that hangs out on your face is going to be told to shove off. It also includes sulphur, which is antibacterial and very stimulating for the skin. There's Volcanic Ash, sea silt and hydroxy acid to exfoliate, and Chilean wild mint to tighten pores. The sensitive skinned among us need not be afraid though - there are lots of anti-inflammatory ingredients too. 

To use, it's easy-pease - apply a generous amount (enough that you can't see your skin underneath), leave for 7-10 minutes and then gently massage off. It sets very quickly and is a mask you can really feel working. My skin felt smoother and softer after just one use - and you can use it up to 4 times a week! It is £38, so quite pricey but I think it'll become a staple in a bathroom cabinets up and down the country. It's great, sensible skincare that everybody could benefit from. 

After the event, we got to spend time with a Dermalogica specialist who looked at our skin REAL UP CLOSE (this was intense). We chatted about how rare it is now to use one mask all over your face - it's far better to target each area with a specific, tailored treatment. Interestingly, my lovely specialist recommended that the Charcoal mask would be great for my chin and cheeks. But for my nose (oily, congested, unpleasant) she said I should try a moisturising mask to combat whatever's responsible for the UTTERLY MAD oil production. Honestly though, I haven't  been brave enough to try it yet, and the charcoal mask feels so good on my skin that I can't help but put it all over. But when I find my courage, I will let you know what happens...

*TECHNICAL FACT: adsorbing means when one surface binds itself to another. In this case, the charcoal (which is positively charged) binds itself to the toxins (negatively charged) on your face. Neat.