New Brand Discovery! Mally Makeup at QVC

One wild Friday night a few weeks back, I rolled home after midnight filled with happiness (aka white wine), and put on QVC (obviously) and watched the Today's Special Value launch. For the uninitiated, this is a one-time only deal that the channel runs for 24 hours - featuring a different brand each day. This particular morning, Mally Makeup was on the menu, which is a brand devised by makeup artist Mally Roncal. She is everything that I ever wanted to be as a grown-up. She's loud, funny, made-up to the max and THE HAIR. Good Lord THE HAIR. Both she and the brand are American, and as far as I can see are only sold on QVC in the UK.  

I've watched her present a couple of times, and fuelled by happiness (white wine) and a willingness to part with my cash (thanks again, white wine) I bought the above Barely There Makeup Collection before passing out. The king of the collection is the Perfect Prep Poreless Primer, which is HEAVEN to use. Texture-wise, it's unlike any primer I own - it's very bouncy and supple. It's like smearing butter on your face but in a non-weird way. Since it came into my life, I've barely been using anything else. It grips onto foundation like I grip onto boys I want to become my boyfriend. The Volumising Mascara is my next favourite - it gives you big, bad lashes in about 30 seconds if you wiggle the brush as you apply, and I do so love big, bad lashes. I paid £38 for the whole kit and I'd happily pay that again for just these two products.

Also included was the Evercolour Eyeshadow Stick in Timeless Taupe, which is a really creamy colour and very easy to use. Mally had the best tip though - as the shade is completely matte, you can use it to fill out your brows. MY WORD YOUR BROWS. You'll never get a seriously neat finish with it, but I don't like immaculate brows, so it's perfect for me. Here's the lot on my massive face:

The lip crayon is easy-peasy to use - I'm not a huge lipstick wearer, but I can't say a bad word about it. Honestly, the worst product in the collection for me was the Poreless Perfection Powder Foundation. The shade (this is light) was just a little too yellow, and as you can see from the pic above - it doesn't deliver the coverage I need. The wonderful thing about QVC is that you have 30 days to return what you buy, regardless of how much you've used. But as I love the rest of the products so much, I'll be keeping the lot and the foundation will live at work for emergencies.

Everything in the collection takes just a few minutes to whack on, so they're perfect products for busy people to use on the move. And now I'm made up - I'm all set to hit the town for a wild Saturday night on the tiles. PAHA just kidding, I'm not getting dressed today. The Dominos man is already on his way...