A Love Letter to Antonia Burrell's Mask Supreme

First things first - this is no penny-pinching special. This is an all-singing, all-dancing luxury skincare product, that you can own for a bank-account crushing £57 (for 50ml). If that's out of the question, just turn around now. Walk out the door. Because if you read on you will become all-consumed with lust and desire for this little pot of joy. Antonia Burrell is a fancy famous facialist who I first read about yonks ago on a blog I can't remember the name of (sorry), where the author swore that Antonia's magic touch left her looking ten years younger. Now her facials are going to set you back £130, so already this take-home mask is starting to look like the bargain of the century. 

It's called the Mask Supreme, 7-in-1 because it's got 7 lovely benefits: Hydrating, Smoothing, Detoxifying, Repairing, Clarifying, Illuminating, Protecting and Perfecting. It's like the best boyfriend you've ever had - it deals with everything. It'll clear out your pores, and works wonders on your spots, but also deal with very dry, flaky skin. I had a bad cold in January this year and after copious nose-blowing, I had the dreaded Crust-Nose and nothing would relieve it. Except this. 

Application-wise, it's a delight to use because it's so light and doesn't dry or harden. It melts into the skin and becomes invisible so you look like a perfectly normal person with it on. Science-wise, it's the Bentonite Clay that clarifies your skin and deals with blemishes (it also has lactic and salicylic acid), Vitamin E improves hydration and elasticity and a micro-algae (what) slows ageing and prevents cell-death after sun exposure. This is literally 10% of its benefits - have a good read here. For every complexion complaint you can think of, there's something in this tub of wizard sauce that'll sort it.  

You can pop it on for anything from ten minutes to overnight, but for something this expensive  you've got to sleep in it. Your skin will be so renewed and refined that you'll wake up feeling like an absolute goddess. I'll happily declare here right here on the internet - where nothing ever really dies - that it is the best mask I have ever used. I call it My Hangover Helper because if I've been really caning it and I look especially grainy/decaying, nothing will sort my skin out like this. Yes it is expensive, but I've had mine for around 6 months now and there's still half a pot left - and I use it at least once a week. And I'm pretty sure Antonia is going to be getting a hefty chunk of my wages from now until I die - probably from scurvy.