Review: L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Range

There's no great mystery as to why my hair is sometimes greasy. My hair is sometimes greasy because I never wash it. It's very large and curly and requires copious conditioning, blowdrying and straightening, and it's boring. So I bother about twice a week and in the meantime, dry shampoo is my best friend. I saw an ad for the L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay pre-shampoo masque (for oily scalps) on the telly and ooh-ed and aah-ed a bit, and went to Superdrug where the entire range was half price. So obviously, I bought it all.

This is only the second pre-shampoo treatment I've ever used. I adore Elasticizer, which is a conditioning treatment, and I reckoned that this L'oreal offering would be similar. It is in no way similar. It's catering for an entirely different need - namely oily roots and dry ends. It contains 20% pure clay to absorb said oil and impurities, and also to leave your scalp squeaky clean. You slap it on dry hair for about ten minutes - it's the bounciest texture and tingles like peppermint. Then jump in the shower and wash your hair like a normal person with the shampoo and conditioner. Get out of the shower, and go and live your life.

Now the range promises 72 grease-free hours, which is an ambitious claim. I reckon I got 48, and the lovely dry-shampoo got me through the next couple of days. The spray smells great, leaves no residue and provides a volume boost, which leads me to my one and only criticism of the range. After using all 3 wet products, my hair was so extraordinarily clean, that it went as flat as my chest. This is not ideal. On the next wash, I skipped the L'Oreal conditioner for something volumising and bounce was restored to my barnet. But having said that, this is a really lovely idea for a range and has been so well executed. All the products are delightful to use and don't feel harsh or stripping on your hair (or head). And anything that means you don't have to wash your hair as often is money well spent in my book.