You Beauty Boxes: All The Joy, Half The Dosh

My first experience with beauty boxes was via Look Fantastic - I signed up for 3 months (at £13.33 a month - delivery included) and received some lovely treats. However, when my subscription was up - I pulled the plug. After the novelty had worn off, I realised that that with no guarantee that I'd love the products inside, that £13.33 could be better diverted to my Strongbow budget each month. But just a few weeks after my cancellation I missed my little deliveries so went searching for a better budget option. Enter the You Beauty Boxesa total steal at £6.95 a month (including postage) AND you can pick two of your products

You're billed on the first of each month, and simply pop over to the website to make your selections from their shortlist. They'll also pop in a couple of extras, this month I got the above Ooharr masks which are a snip at £1.20 each but if I hadn't looked up the price before I used them, I wouldn't have suspected they were such bargain babes. I also received the below Charles Worthington Leave In Conditioner (travel size), which I haven't used yet, but this barnet could use as much moisturising relief as possible, so it's a welcome addition to the family. 

For my choices, I plumped for the below Nude Progenuis Firming Youth Oil. It's only a diddy 5ml but the full size 30ml is a stonking £72! Obviously, it's amazing so I'm rationing myself to two drops a night, which just about does my forehead. So watch out - this forehead is about to get extremely good looking. The Bee Good Lift & Brighten Eye Cream, plumps and lifts your creasy peepers and is a light yet creamy delight. I've liked this brand for a while - they're a small company who like really really really like bees. And finally - each month you also get a bunch of discount codes for the brands featured, so it's even easier to fritter away your cash!