Review: Valentino Donna Eau de Parfum

Because they can't bottle the smell of Dominos Ranch BBQ, over the past year or so I've been frantically searching for my SIGNATURE SCENT. I'm aware that this is super pretentious - Ruth throws up in her mouth every time I say it. I picked up Valentino Donna last year when a sales person approached me in Debenhams because I'm physically incapable of not buying something after talking to a sales person for more than 12 seconds. There wasn't much hoopla when it launched and I'd never heard of it before I clapped eyes on it. There is a TV ad but I can't remember ever seeing it, and the print ads are in my opinion, a bit meh. Which is a shame, because I think it's so lovely. 

This is the official blurb:

A hint of elegance, fragility, irreverence, and candor. Sensuous and independent she is capable of sudden passion and unexpected shyness.

So according to Mr Valentino, it smells like the world’s most annoying woman.

I made some adjustments and here's my description: 

Smells like women who wear real leather jackets. Everyone's capable of sudden passion, but the Valentino Donna woman is confident enough to do so while possibly wearing yesterday's socks. On first spritz, it's fizzy like champagne, but settles into something leathery, soft and mad sexy. 

I know scent is super subjective, but I really recommend giving this one a spritz when you're next out and about. I like sweet scents but the older I get, the more they make me smell like a prostitute-in-training. This is like the classier older sister of those fragrances. It is floral, but never sickly - imagine dried roses dunked in oil, then ground into powder by a sexy monk in a tower in Italy, and puffed all over Gigi's chest. Nice.

Cheapest I could find it is £37.60 from