Review: Melvita L'Or Rose Firming Oil

Cures for cellulite I’m unwilling to try: exercise, drinking water, eating fruit. Cures for cellulite I’m happy to try: magic spells and optimistic thoughts. Melvita’s L’Or Rose firming body oil lies somewhere in the middle. It's a dry oil that claims to firm up your wobbly parts when slathered daily from your waist to your knees after your shower. It’s absolutely not sticky in any way – and is designed to replace your body lotion, for which I give it a huge thumbs up. I’d happily slop it all over my entire body – it’s so quick to dry.

Now then - have I noticed improvement in my cellulite? Well, nothing groundbreaking if I'm brutally honest. But is my bum unbelievably and noticeably smoother? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY. Honestly, if I sat naked on a leather sofa, I think I’d slide right off. But enough about my weekend plans. The difference to the quality and texture of my skin is really, really good. And it smells fantastic, which on your bum is always a good thing, no? It also leaves you with the subtlest, summeriest sheen, as if you've been licked by mermaids. 

It's easily the nicest firming product I’ve ever tried. They’re usually so industrious and I hate the tingling (aka stabbing) effects that always seem to be part of their process. But this is absolutely a pleasure to use. It might not take the place of exercise or the surgeon’s knife, but pre-holiday I’ll be bathing in the stuff. I honestly wouldn’t be without it. 

You can get it for £19.70 (which is insanely good) from QVC. Me and Ruth both agree that QVC is the best retailer ever and we absolutely refuse to be mocked for it. They have a 30 day money-back-guarantee, no matter how much you've used, and they stock amazing beauty brands. Expect lots of QVC bum kissing from us in the future, because we bloody love it.