Hello. It's Us.

Welcome friends! Just a quick post to introduce you to this blog malarkey. It’s mostly the work of me, Clare - makeup and skincare keen-bean. But by my side throughout will be Ruth (see the lovely picture below), who’ll be chipping in whenever I bully her into it. We have very different styles and skin-types and we always bounce our opinions off each other. What works for one of us, might not for the other - and hopefully that’s super helpful to all of you.

We both look for different things in our skin-care, because despite being genetically similar in lots of ways (moronic-ness mainly), we do not look the same. Here's some blurb about each of us:

About Clare:

Skin Type: Sensitive, oily, prone to redness, blackheads and the odd spot. So far though, generally pretty wrinkle free - apart from in the eye area, which is getting distressingly creasy.

Hair type: frizzy, curly, brittle and fragile. The cause of much teenage angst and I probably shouldn’t bleach it. OH WELL.

About Ruth:

Skin Type: Dryer than a nun’s chuff. Generally spot free - this is a seriously oil free zone. SOME wrinkles. And eyebags. Ruth was born with eyebags... 

Hair Type: Thick and straight. Unwilling to follow instruction. In frankly disgustingly good condition. 

So there we have it. To kick things off, I’ll be putting up posts about my/our favourite beauty products before branching out into the exciting new stuff. We really hope you like it!