Review: Gosh Illuminating Primer Plus, Lumi Drops & Lip Oils.

In the past I've found there's a very fine line between looking 'glowy' and looking sweaty, and I usually only manage the latter successfully. With oily skin - radiance is frankly, a rotten tease. Well fret no more pals - Gosh's latest launches are all about swooning shimmering-ness and I can testify that they are suitable for the oilier beasts among us. 

First up are the Gosh Lumi Drops (£7.99), which you apply much like an eye-drop (but please don't put it inside your actual eye.) The shade I have is Peach 004 and can be dotted on cheekbones as a highlight, or swooshed down the centre of your face to help contour. It's fantastic added to foundation (or even moisturiser) for an extra gleam, or you could smudge it on your eyelids, or brow bones - it's much more subtle than the bottle belies. It gives a fresh and dewy finish, that's easy to build. I stipple it on and if like me, you're not a cream blush fan - this is an excellent substitute. The formula is light enough to not disturb your foundation underneath.  

Also in the range, they've released a new Primer Plus (£14.49), this time with radiance boosting properties. It's technically a primer and an illuminator in one, but could easily be used alone as a skin-base if you didn't need heavy coverage. It's packed with light to give you a dolloping whack of glowiness, and provides a secure (yet dewy) foundation for anything you might want to plop on top of it. 

 Primer Plus up top, and Lumi Drops below. 

Primer Plus up top, and Lumi Drops below. 

Lastly, and my absolute favourite are the new lip oils (£7.49). If you were tempted by the Clarins lip oil but like - £18 for a lip balm? Please. I'd swing by Superdrug and pick up one of these babies ASAP. They don't have a sticky or shiny finish - but just a soft, gooey balm. They're fantastic at soothing unhappy Winter lips. This shade is 002 Sea Buckthorn and doesn't deliver a colour as such, but does smooth out the natural shade of your lips.

Here's a snap of it on my smackers. I meant to demonstrate all three products in action but after reviewing the pictures back, it transpired that everything north of my nostrils wasn't really suitable for the viewing public. Will do better next time,

*The very kind people at Gosh sent me these products to try, but all of my opinions (as always) are heartfelt and true!