Review: Rosie for Autograph Eau de Parfum

As I get older, the list of things I religiously buy at M&S gets longer and longer. Knickers - of course. Tights - they're just better than other tights. And if I'm feeling flash, I'll buy my grapes there. They might be £2.85 but OH MY they are juicy. Supermodel/goddess Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely has been plastered all over my local M&S for a while now, looking ridiculously good in the underwear and nightwear range she has there. Ruth has some of her pyjamas, and they really are lovely. I on the other hand, basically sleep in old tea towels, because I can’t get my shit together when it comes to nightwear.

However, on a recent trip to pick up some couscous (also glorious), I had a spritz of her perfume, and then galloped my way to the till. It's simply the classiest, freshest floral fragrance - with a muskier, vanillery base. It smells like late Summer, somewhere in France, in a classy cottage that has really expensive towels. It is a bit sexy but in a simple, soft and not-intimidating sort of way. And for something so inexpensive, it really lasts. It's on special offer right now so you can nab a 30ml bottle for just £11.20! £11.20! So you don't feel disgracefully lavish when you spritz it all over absolutely everything. And it's so nice to feel like you have Rosie close to you all the time. This must be how Jason Statham feels every day.

Next on the shopping list - the Rosie makeup!