Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Of all the things in life that could be ridiculously big and go really deep - pores are surely the most disappointing possibility. Unfortunately, my pores are so big, I think at some point I'm probably going to fall into one. I'm finally coming to realise that they will never actually go away. Supposedly they're necessary and it seems that some people just have bigger ones than others. So while Kimmy K gets a big luscious butt, I get swamp face. Life is unjust in many ways. 

People have been yelling about GlamGlow for a while now (it feels like they've totally cornered the market for VERY INTENSE MASKS THAT REALLY REALLY WORK, doesn't it?) So I invested in the Supermud Clearing Mask - mostly because Sali Hughes said it was good for blackheads, and I do everything Sali Hughes says. This is not a mask in the soothing-cuddle-for-your-face-sense, it's more like dropping a bomb on it. It's so intense, it feels like tiny soldiers are marching up and down your face yelling at it to get its shit together. Which clearly is exactly what mine needs because as Ruth has verified (with a close inspection) it really works! Pores were tightened, my skin was smoother, angry blemishes were calmed and my complexion overall was evened. 

Now it does tingle a bit on first use, but my skin is so used to it now, it's not irritating at all. But just a warning - after a few minutes on, your pores turn darker, so I personally look like a Roy Lichenstein painting with it on. Also, while it's doing its thing on your face - your biggest, dirtiest pores sort of 'eat it', so you can see very vividly where the most congested areas of your skin are. This is pretty gross, but also very satisfying.

I was so obsessed with this treatment when I first got it that I used it every day - it really tightens the whole shebang up without making you feel like you've been buried alive. And I'm pleased to report that my skin didn't implode. Or fall off. It also has a lovely minty fragrance, and little bits of eucalyptus in it so you can give your face a gentle scrub as you wash it off. For fellow blackhead sufferers, I would really recommend it. No better way to slap your face into shape.