Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

Starting to put these posts together has given me a real insight into what I look for in a great beauty product - basically anything super quick and easy to use. Because I’m incredibly lazy. Continuing on that thread - here are the easiest lip colours you’ll ever use, in my opinion. They're called lipsticks, but they're much more like creams and are applied with a sponge applicator. They’re so soft, smooth and velvety - but also virtually impossible to fuck up. They’re light but super highly pigmented, non-bleedy and dry so, so matte. I'm not a shiny mouthed kind of girl, but if you're into it you could slick a gloss over the top easy peasy. They'll also last most activities, but not vigorous snogging. But really - what does? 

These are the two shades I have: vibrant zingy pinky-red T13 (right) and sexy deep plum T14 (right).

Oh hey arm hairs. 

Here's some pics of me wearing T14. Taken with the ease and grace of a gazelle - I'm a natural at this, no?

Basically this is everything I want from the Kylie Lip Kit, which I will get hold of at some point in my life if they ever sell it over here. Will trade Ruth for Dolce K.