Review: BareMinerals Complexion Rescue, TooFaced Love Palette & Ruth's Face

The purpose of this post is to rave about two products, and also to post pictures of Ruth looking nice on New Year's Eve. Sorry this picture is a smidge blurry but there was gin involved. Slapped on her face (with fingers) is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. Ruth’s face was so dry before Christmas I could've slung her head under my bath tub to fix a persistent leak, but look how dewy it is here! It's an exceptionally smooth formula, really easy to blend and gives you a ridiculous hydrating boost. It is reasonably sheer, so not one for those who feel more comfortable with fuller coverage, but for dry skin it's simply out-of-this-world good. 

Me and Ruth have always been big Bare Minerals original foundation fans - we both wear Fairly Light and Vanilla is the nearest match in Complexion Rescue and what Ruth is wearing here. 

Tip: if you ever get persistent dry flakes around your eyes - we've both had them this winter, and Ruth found out that the best cure is simply good old Vaseline. 

On her eyelids is the Too Faced Love Palette - one of favourite eyeshadow palette ever, because it’s basically eyeshadow for morons. It comes with the easiest manual guides for three specific looks, or you can do what I did here and just smoosh them on in a hurry. These babies are blendable. Too Faced is my favourite makeup brand of all time, because all their products are so ridiculously fun to use. I have a PLETHORA of their eyeshadow palettes, all of which I will bang on about here at some point. The merit of this set for me is the satisfying amount of rich shimmery shades - all very smooth and velvety - anchored by soft, sharp mattes. It might not be job interview make-up, but it is so so gold jumpsuit on NYE appropriate. 

Her hair is my attempt at a Kylie Jenner but she gave me like ten seconds to do it so it's not my best work. It also lasted about 45 seconds after she left the house, despite an O-zone endangering amount of hairspray. Curse that well-conditioned head. 

Lastly, Ruth has fantastic brows, so I just combed through them with a little powder from a bargain set I got from Superdrug (Studio: The Classic Brow Series it was called, and it looked like the clobber here.)  Did anyone else get hold of this range at Christmas? I thought it was really good and you got three powders, wax, a pencil, comb and tweezers for a satisfying £8 in the brow kit. However, when writing this up I realised I'd committed a blogging faux-pas pretty early on... it was a limited edition gift, only available at Christmas. You simply can't buy it for love nor money, so I'm currently on the search for similar cheap-as-chips do-it-all brow kits and I'll keep you updated.

Here's a picture of my brows given the Studio @ Superdrug treatment, however this is much less glamorous because I'm in my pyjamas, in my manky bathroom, with something that looks like a dildo on the windowsill behind me. 

It’s not a dildo.

And let's round this post out with this corker. Starting 2016 right.